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Last Update : (2016/Oct/26)

The Latest Topic From the Diary

  • 2016/10/26 : updating the event visiting list on oct 30
  • 2016/10/22 : adding the event schedule visitng list on oct 30 and updating the one on 23
  • 2016/10/22 : lost the email old correspondences all including the backup. The impact is so hard that the depression is quite serious.

proxy service We help to purchase the items which are available only in Japan and pass you via international postage. You can select the most suitable method of transport, EMS the fast and reliable but expensive, AIR the standard, SAL the cheap but a little longer to wait for delivery, surface the slowest but the cheapest, with the price estimation just before the delivery we prepare.
Not only doujinshi but also anything you want. Figures, commercial magazines, books, card games, DVD, Bru-Ray, close, Dakimakura, tapestry, poster and/or anything you want.
EVENTS In Japan, even only Tokyo & Yokohama area, every Sunday and holidays they open the doujinshi events. Where you can find the titles which are not available at the doujinshi shops and/or auctions. We help how to find the circles you are interested in and favorite titles. click here in precise